Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Samsung D900: slim and sharp.

Ultra edition mobile phones from Samsung represent the apex of mobile phone designing of this World known manufacturers. Each member of the Ultra family does not only sports the ultimate in mobile technology but also is amongst the slimmest and sleekest mobile phone designs to have ever hit the mobile phone markets. Among them, the Samsung D900 deserves a special mention as the handset is not only the top of the line up but also due to the fact that even today, there are only a very few handsets available all over the world that sports a camera of its stature.

The Samsung D900 is endowed with a 3.0 megapixel camera module along with all necessary tools and aids. Pictures with resolution as high as 2048x1536 pixels, sharp subjects with autofocus, bright flash light for low light environment imaging, digital zoom, high grade video recording facilities and a host of special effects that makes imaging with the Samsung D900 so special. Pictures and videos that you have captured with the Samsung D900 can be shared instantly via MMS and emails. Better still, transfer to your PC via Bluetooth v2.0 and USB and do whatever you like to do with them.

The handset built quality is another aspect that is responsible for the astounding success across all demographic sections. High quality magnesium surface used in the Samsung D900 are not only robust and durable, but also looks great. Adding sheen to the black and silver slider is its 32x42 mm TFT based screen that can produce more than 262k colours. With this quad band phone, you could be reached almost anywhere in the whole world. Voice function aid includes built in hands free and a 3D speaker. The Samsung D900 can surf the internet with its built in GPRS and EDGE technology and can even display MS Office documents not just on its 2.2 inch TFT display, but on an external screen like your TV. Infact, there is only little the Samsung D900 can not do.

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Friday, 22 June 2007

Samsung D840 is here to add a lot in your mobile life

Creating a huge buzz around with is great looks and substantial features; the Samsung D840 is here to add a lot in your mobile life. The credit goes to Samsung's highly innovative Smart Surface Mounting Technology, which has made it possible to stuff more features in this slim device. As far as designing is concerned, the Samsung D840 is surely an enticer, as it measures only 11.9 mm in thickness, while it weighs only 100 grams. On the other hand, the Samsung D840 is also finished up with plastic, which adds that desired elasticity and the handset easily fits into your pocket.

The Samsung D840 is finished up with a black case and further endowed with a smoothing sliding action, which has really become the hallmark of various Samsung phones. Well, its keypad is quite flat, hence it is very easy to use. Well, the handset's display is based on TFT and it can support more than 256k colours, which provides a soothing viewing experience. Thus, you can view all those photos, videos and other content on its intuitive screen.

Furthermore, the Samsung D840 has a Document viewer, which lets you view or edit all your offic1e documents in the easiest possible way. To get a bigger viewing experience, you can also connect your mobile phone with your TV to enjoy, the way you want. Listen to all your music on its music player, which can play your music in various popular file formats. It is loaded with 70MB of inbuilt memory, which lets you treasure all your favourite stuff. Besides, it also supports external memory card, which allows you to enhance its memory as per your needs. You can also listen to music on its superb music player, which can play all your stuff in various popular file formats.

To provide a seamless connectivity, the Samsung D840 supports the reliable GSM mobile networks. You can also enjoy the Internet with its inbuilt GPRS and EDGE technologies. Moreover, you can easily treasure all those defined moments with its integrated 2.0 mega pixels camera. Make various things possible in your mobile life with your Samsung D840.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Samsung E900 – Have a better chocolate

With the launch of Samsung E900, the manufacturer seems to recapture its former glory days. The handset comes after the successful debut of LG Chocolate and only to make a greater impression.

Like the Chocolate, the Samsung E900 comes with a touch - sensitive screen. Which means that the upper portion of handset responds to the heat, meaning that there are no buttons to be pressed. The Samsung E900 also comes with the nifty features as well. When there is a call coming, the touch - sensitive capability of the handset ceases to operate. This is to ensure that the phone does not respond to the heat of the face, when receiving call.

Samsung E900 has also taken measures to revamp their Menu system. The have discarded their love with the bright blue and white colour scheme, and instead comes with black or white with much more modern icons. The basic layout remains the same, though you to see and select what is shown on the next menu screen simply by highlighting the relevant heading.

In terms of size, the Samsung E900 comes with a solid 80 MB of memory, with expansion capacity. The on-board memory can also be used to do more justice to its competent 2MP camera and the Mp3 player.
The music player may not be as good as that of the Walkman series, but nonetheless it is decently addictive.

But the Mp3 prowess is also limited, not in terms of ergonomics, but because the Samsung E900 comes with a weak battery life. Only 3.5 hours of talk time are available, meaning either you play too much or talk too much. One reason why the handset is less empowered could be due to the touch sensitive feature. It sure eats up a lot of life.

The TFT screen of Samsung E900 displays a pleasant picture. Its calibre is 262k, meaning that all 2 megapixel images is displayed in fantastic quality. The Samsung E900 is a Tri band GMS 900 / 1800 / 1900. It also has EDGE, Bluetooth, and other conventional features.

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Monday, 11 June 2007

Samsung Z560: Enough power –substantial potential.

Making a brisk start by introducing another masterpiece or the Samsung Z560, Samsung has really given something special to mobile phone users all across the globe. This trendy device is just too good in its overall profile and well complemented by superb features. The way Samsung Z560 is finished up it is not like any other slim phone, as it does take a good care of your mobile life.

It comes with a simple black colour, which does not make it ultra cool, but duly provides a good look. Actually, it looks quite bold and sturdy and simply suits the needs of users, who want a phone with substantial functionalities. Hence, it does offer a lot, which you would surly love to have in your very own mobile handset.

One of the most significant features of the Samsung Z560 is its 2 mega pixels camera. Furthermore, its camera has been supported by auto focus to let you grab all those moments with the ultimate precision. There is another VGA camera, which has been specifically fitted for video calling. You can make the most of its speakerphone feature to communicate with others in the easiest possible way.

Besides 3G technology, the Samsung Z560 also supports various illustrating features like HSDPA and WAP browser – so, surf the Internet to get all the desired information. As far as data sharing is concerned, you can easily transfer all your important data or download all your important content with Bluetooth, Infrared and USB port. To provide enough space, the Samsung Z560 is also endowed with an external memory slot.

However, the Samsung Z560 comes with a small external screen, but it is quite capable to provide a good viewing experience with each vivid detail. Moreover, you also get the important information about date, time, signal strength on its display. Below the display screen, there are touch sensitive music controls, which enable you to play all your favourite music – the way you want. Hence, the Samsung Z560 is truly a compatible device in its overall profile.