Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Samsung i560 – As good as it can get.

Innovation is an ongoing process. And the same goes for innovation in the mobile telecommunications domain. Leading manufacturers of mobile phones in the world are involved in the design and development of mobile phones that are better than earlier models both in terms of looks as well as features. The Samsung i560 is one such innovative handset from Samsung.

The Samsung i560 is a slide open mobile phone that is powered by third generation (3G) technology. There are two cameras that are built into the sleek design of the Samsung i560. A 3 mega-pixel digital camera that comes in the back of the handset is perfect for capturing the images and video clips of precious moments. This means that the i560 mobile phone can double up as a digital camera or a video recorder without any hassle. Users can now carry the Samsung i560 with them when they are on the move and be sure of capturing memorable moments that often have a tendency to come unawares.

There is a second camera that can be used for making video calls. The pleasure of seeing the expression on the face of loved ones has to be experienced to be believed. More intimate communication is thus possible with the advanced features of the Samsung i560.

A 240x320 pixel panel in 262,000 colors enhances the magic of the images and video clips to a significant extent of Samsung i560. The 150 MB of internal memory can be expanded through microSD cards – this makes sense as it translates into more room for storing all the images, video clips and other content.
This smartphone also comes with an integrated GPS receiver. Compatibility with 3G and HSDPA (3G+) networks makes the handset all the more special to users.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Samsung U100: hot selling phones in the market

The new Samsung U100 Ultra Edition 5.9 handset coming with a thickness of 5.9mm is considered as the slimmest phone in the World. It is the attractive thin casing that has made the model U100 from Samsung one of the hot selling phones in the market. The handset comes with easy to use features, but the slim design is the main attraction to this handset. The mobile phone handset from Samsung comes in a selection of stylish grey with black color that adds beauty to the sleekness of the handset.

The colour screen of the Samsung U100 mobile phone helps the user by providing up to 262k colours on a 1.9 Inch display with a 220 x 176 screen resolution. The widescreen of the mobile phone helps the users in viewing the photos and video recording beautifully on the high colour screen.

The Samsung U100 model mobile phone comes with a built in camera that will help the user to capture still photos with perfect and excellent quality. It is also possible for him to store and share the pictures along with the family and friends with the support of the MMS service. The camera facility of Samsung U100 model mobile phone assists the user in taking photographs with the same quality of that of a professional cameraman.

The Samsung U100 Red comes with a built in media player that ensures the user perfect musical entertainment. It is possible for the user to download and enjoy his favourite tunes with the help of this mobile phone. This model mobile phone from Samsung supports MP3 and polyphonic sound ringing tones that can be chosen depending upon the preferences and tastes of the user. This particular model mobile phone comes with an internal memory of 70 Mbytes that helps the user to store the photos, video footage and messages. The mobile phone also has the facilities to send, store and receive emails making it beneficial for the users who are away from the office or home personal computer.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Samsung F520 – An Ultra-smart Phone to Fulfill Many Needs!

Assimilating the best of iPods and digital cameras, mobile phones are the best alternatives for millions worldwide. While far ahead of being mere calling devices, mobile phones have metamorphosed into multi-utility instruments powerful to perform many an important tasks effortlessly. Today, they integrate features of a music player, digital camera, gaming console, and web browser. They are equipped with document viewer applications and wireless connectivity.

Now share your favourite sound track or the best moment clicked via the powerful camera, everything is possible with a phone in hand. Not to forget some additional facilities coming along with an advanced phone. With paying tad bit more, there is a mobile phones all ready to serve you with much advanced connectivity options and features like direct TV feed, high resolution camera etc and many more. Now if we are to site one such example of an advanced phone that has already generated quite a stir among the mobile phone lovers, we have Samsung F520 to name. The recent mobile sensation is designed to deliver.

In a dual slider mechanism Samsung F520 comes to offer you with a full QWERTY as well as a simpler numeric keypad. Now make use of any to fulfill your need. This 3G phone supports GPRS, EDGE, and HSDPA connectivity. Not to forget the Bluetooth and USB support. A 3.15 megapixel camera with flash is ready to fulfill your photographic urge, and along side still photography it aids in video photography too.

A 3'' touch screen TFT supports 262k colours and offers resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. To help you in saving all your audio and video files the camera, in addition to its inbuilt memory, comes with microSD expansion slot. The screen features Samsung F520 is a Flash-based user interface with document viewer application. And when all of these features come bundled in 104.8 x 53.7 x 17.4 mm dimensions, who needs a better ally than the one it is? Right now all our calls are answered.

Samsung F510: Master among the Mobiles

The latest Samsung F510 mobile phone is a highly capable 3G phone coming with a DVB-H TV broadcasting feature. The handset coming with high quality cutting edge mobile phone features is 116.5mm in height, 50.4mm in width and 10.7mm in depth making it simple, attractive and easy to handle at the same time.

The F510 model from Samsung coming with dual colour screens and dual side controls helps the user to simply flip from one of their handset to the other to suit the features he want to use. The main screen of Samsung F510 is large and comes with high colour and high screen resolution helping the user to enjoy viewing videos and TV broadcasts on a bright display.

This model mobile phone from Samsung comes with a video player that supports MPEG4, H263, H264, WMV, AVI, DivX and AVI video files. It has a built in video player feature that helps QVGA video playback at 30 frames per second up to 544kbps. It is the built in DVB-H TV broadcast feature that is the most attractive feature of this mobile phone. It helps the user in viewing the mobile digital TV in an area with DVB-H reception.

This mobile phone has an integrated 2 megapixel camera that assures the user of perfect photography. It has camera settings and effects that allows the user to capture a clear and colourful photo or video recording each time when the camera feature is used. The user can also the store the pictures which he can later share among the friends. The Samsung F510 comes with a multimedia focused 3G phone that will keep the user entertained all the time.

The Samsung F510 mobile phone also has an entertaining music player that guarantees the user perfect musical entertainment. It is possible for the user to access and enjoy from the multimedia screen side of the mobile handset. It is also possible to download Java video games on the mobile phone.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Samsung U700- Communication instrument with plenty of features

The Samsung U700 is a HSDPA capable handset. Most impressive is calling clarity; volume in particular is very loud at its highest setting. The hands-free speakerphone is also loud and clear, and it's easily switched on during a phone call by pressing the centre button. The U700 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera, with auto focus, a flash, and a new feature Samsung dubs Rapid Focus. The Rapid Focus is designed to improve shutter speed of the camera. Nice thing about the camera is that it includes a self-portrait mirror and it is capable to capture video in MPEG4 format.

Coming to the performance of the phone it is average. The shots that are being produced aren't good enough for any sort of amateurish photography. It is suffice to say hat the clicked photographs are more than adequate to use as background wallpaper. The camera of the Samsung U700 has plenty of features that include multi, mosaic and panorama shot modes. Moreover, it also has effects such as black and white, 21 frames and a three, five or 10 second self-timer, sepia and negative.

The Samsung U700's user interface is marvelous, but there are a couple of small quirks in the phone. The touch sensitive controls embedded in the phone are a little slow to respond to the clicks of the users. It is to be mentioned that the navigational wheel isn't as snappy.

Well, many users would find when you dial your friend's or peers phone number; a picture of Copenhagen appears in the screen. This picture changes every time depending on the location. Moreover, it also very much responds to the time of day. Users of Samsung U700 would find it changes accordingly; at night and while during the day it changes. Another prominent feature that occurs when calling a phone number. When pressing a number key, users would find a paper and pen animation pops up and it begins to write the numbers as you press them.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Samsung X830 Ensures the Best Quality

The latest Samsung X830 mobile phone is a stylish and sleek design with built in powerful multimedia features. The handset measuring 84 x 30 x 19.9 mm and weighing 75 grams makes it easy for the user to hold in hands and slip into the pockets. With a colourful screen that can be viewed when the handset is in its closed or open position also has a 128 x 220 pixel screen resolution displaying on a 1.46 Inch colour screen.

The mobile phone handset arrives in a choice of colours including black and white casing. The mobile phone also has excellent musical features making it comfortable and entertaining for the user. He can download music in MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC+e & WMA format with this mobile phone, which could be played to get relaxed. The handset can also play your favourite ring tones in MP3 or polyphonic format. With its 1GB storage space, you can easily make sufficient room for all music files.

The Samsung X830 mobile phone can play the downloaded polyphonic ringtones.
It is also possible for the user to access their messaging features including MMS messaging and SMS messaging. The Samsung X830 mobile phone features a built in 1.3 megapixel digital camera that guarantees perfect picture with excellent quality. It is also possible for the user to share the pictures with his friends. WAP browser gives you easy accessibility to the Internet.

The Samsung X830 has Nand Flash built in memory of 1 that will allow the user to store up to two hundred and fifty songs or approximately fifteen music albums on their mobile phones. The phone has a fitted battery with a standby battery time of 120 hours and a talk time of approximately 3 hours. The existence of Edge technology guarantees fast and efficient data transfers making things more easy and comfortable for the user.

The handset can also play your favourite ringtones in MP3 or polyphonic format. With its 1GB storage space, you can easily make sufficient room for all music files. WAP browser gives you easy accessibility to the Internet.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Samsung G600 alias mighty to prove more positives

In an era when communication rules the roost, leaders in the pack of mobile manufacturers are coming up with mobile phones that are rich with stunning looks and functionalities. If Samsung is popular for its package of slim, slider phones. It has been relentless in putting across enough reasons to show that its phones are not simply showpieces but some powerhouse performers instead. This time around, it has one mobile phone by the name Samsung G600 alias mighty to prove more positives.

Samsung G600 is endowed with a 5 megapixel camera and a several multimedia rich features. To store all your favourite moments just capture the moments. Along with an image editor, the camera comes with autofocus, LED flash and video recording ability. In addition to 55 MB internal memory, a 1 GB memory card offers tremendous option store data of different types. Options for USB connectivity, Bluetooth, MP3 player and FM radio helps in faster data transfer.

The phone offers upto 3.5 hours of talk time and supports quad band GSM/GPRS/Edge connectivity. And in spite of all the specialities, the Samsung G600 doesn't forget to add other standard gaming and entertainment features. In addition to the built-in music player and an FM radio, it comes with JAVA MIDP 2.0 and JAVA based games. It offers options to download games from web. Along with WAP 2.0/xHTML and NetFront HTML browser, there are other programs to aid ones to enjoy the best of web.

With so much on offer the world gets narrowed down to the fist with Samsung G600 Mighty. The little slider with powerful feature makes it real mighty. In true sense, the phone has managed to combine sophisticated style and mighty powers in one sleek slider package. All-in-one rearing to perform to meet your expectations.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Samsung D900i – more of the same...

Samsung D900i is a upgraded version of its predecessor, the Samsung D900. But there is not extravagant marked difference between the two. The Samsung D900i only comes with subtle changes like an added FM radio and a sleek metallic finish to the slider body. The handset is slim offering a solid feel when held in hands.

In terms of features, the Samsung D900i lacks the 3G capability. Instead the handset offers quad band GSM. The call volume and voice clarity is good, and even in noisy environments, the Samsung D900i proved to be quite satisfactory. The handsfree of the Samsung D900i also works quite well, and it's easily switched on during a phone call by pressing the OK button.

For imaging fun, the Samsung D900i comes empowered with a 3 MP camera. It includes auto focus, a flash, macro mode and 4x digital zoom. There is also a self portrait mirror and the ability to capture video in MPEG4 format. The camera has plenty of editing options including multi and mosaic shot modes, effects such as fog, antique and moonlight, 30 frame options and a three, five or 10 second self-timer. One can also adjust ISO and white balance settings. The camera quality is not great, but good enough for some happy snaps.

Like most Samsung Galaxy Phones, even the D900i's is enabled with a user friendly user interface. Dubbed 'uPlus', the new, expanded interface offers intuitive navigation that responds to your environment. It responds to your location and time of the day. Another cool feature occurs when dialling a phone number; upon pressing a number key a paper and pen animation appears and begins to write the numbers as you press them - it even includes sound effects.

Other highlights of Samsung D900i includes mobile tracker, personalized Menu, Bluetooth, and the A2DP profile for wireless music streaming, MP3 player, standard POP3 and IMAP4 email access, SMS and MMS messaging with T9 predictive text input, polyphonic and a voice recorder. Battery life has been improved slightly, to 3.6 hours of talk time and up to 270 hours of standby times.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Samsung U700: Multi-purpose Utility Device

With the ongoing development of technology innovation, new-age mobile phones have become multi-functional. Talk about multimedia entertainment, your mobile phone can perform efficiently as a music player, camera, gaming console, or a business utility device.

Samsung Ultra series phones perfectly blend style with functionality. Slide opens the ultra-sleek Samsung U700 to enjoy unlimited fun. It features an impressive 3 mega pixel camera with attractive imaging features including Auto focus and flash. The integrated picture and video settings allow you to capture, edit and organise your pictures and video clips. The handset also includes a secondary VGA camera which is used for making video calls. The TFT colour display of the handset is 2.2 inch wide which provides you with high resolution viewing of your media files.

Enjoy multimedia mobile experience by sharing your files with friends. Samsung U700 offers you simple yet useful messaging options. You can send your photos and videos to your loved ones through MMS and email. Stay in touch with friends through SMS and EMS. For high speed wireless connectivity and fast data transfer, the Samsung U700 includes a variety of wireless networks such as 3G, Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS and USB. You can browse the net through WAP and get connected with your dear ones in an instant. Download Java and other fun-filled games directly to your device.

Experience music on the move whenever and wherever you go. Samsung U700 sports a digital music player with outstanding audio quality. It supports multiple music formats including MP3 files to suit your song types. You can search for your favourite tracks online in MP3 format directly from your device and make interesting ringtones. The memory capacity of the Samsung U700 supports a microSD TransFlash memory card slot which is further expandable. Now you can make your mobile handset an all-in-one device by storing your music, photos, videos, games and messages in it.

Go for Samsung U700 and get used to high-end technology.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Samsung X830 Blush Pink: Your Hottest Music Player

Plug in your earpieces; get ready for a musical extravaganza with the trendy Samsung X830 in blush pink colour. Its dedicated music features assure you of high quality digital music experience. The appealing design of the handset spells elegance and class. With Samsung X830, your musical experience can't become any better. The mini music phone incorporates a swing opening mechanism with user-friendly multimedia features. It's a music lover's dream come true. You can download and play your music in multiple audio formats including MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+ and WMA. The inbuilt 3D stereo headsets add magic to your music.

The handset can also play your favourite ringtones in MP3 or polyphonic format. With its 1GB storage space, you can easily make sufficient room for all music files. WAP browser gives you easy accessibility to the Internet. So you can create your own music library by downloading songs directly to your device. Organize and share your playlists by transferring them to other compatible mobile handsets using Bluetooth wireless technology and USB cable. EDGE and GPRS offer you high speed connectivity for easy transfer of your music files. So stay in touch with your music, no matter where you are.

With the integrated 1.3 mega pixel camera, Samsung X830 Blush Pink clicks your pictures in style. Capture life's best moments in high quality video clips and view them on its LCD colour screen. The built-in imaging features enable you to store, share and edit your photos with ease. Send your video and still images to your dear ones via MMS. What's more, you can download Java and other fun-filled games directly to your device. If you want to change your old music system, get yourself a Samsung X830 Blush Pink handset and carry your music with you wherever you go.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Samsung E570: little miss sunshine.

A sleek clamshell in high gloss finish – thats Samsung E570 for you. This fashion diva from Samsung has managed to captivate many since the day it was launched. The handset is probably one of the most smallest in size and is equally lightweight at 81 grams. Current colour solutions available with the Samsung E570 are Sweet pink, Festival orange, metallic blue, special silver and Viola black. Though the handset is female oriented, it is open to male as well, especially its black variant.

The Samsung E570's primary internal display is a 1.8 inch TFT based screen capable of producing more than 65k colours. The second external OLED mono display can hold out important information while the Samsung E570 is in closed position. The handset offers Premium Black GUI – which includes the much talked about 'uMenu', a personalized menu of shortcuts to access your favorite functions. Be it the media player, the integrated camera or connectivity tools, you can customize the Samsung E570 according to your usage pattern.

The handset's built in camera module is 1.3 megapixel with digital zoom and video recording capabilities. The digital camera is good enough to capture unexpected moments in life. Instead of ruing your luck for leaving your camera home, you can capture pictures and images with the Samsung E570 and even send them instantly to all your friends through picture messages. Assured colour accuracy and clarity through CMOS sensor and various photo effects and setting for the flexibility – such features goes a long way to ensure high quality pictures despite a mediocre camera module.

The Samsung E570 supports triband GSM network and changes its bands automatically. Data connectivity options include class 10 GPRS and EDGE. On board web browser, email, downloading – the Samsung E570 is a strong Cyber tool. Local sharing of files and information is possible via Bluetooth v1.2 with A2DP and USB v1.2. The handset has about 25 Mb of internal memory pool, distributed for different purpose and features an external microSD memory card.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Samsung D900: slim and sharp.

Ultra edition mobile phones from Samsung represent the apex of mobile phone designing of this World known manufacturers. Each member of the Ultra family does not only sports the ultimate in mobile technology but also is amongst the slimmest and sleekest mobile phone designs to have ever hit the mobile phone markets. Among them, the Samsung D900 deserves a special mention as the handset is not only the top of the line up but also due to the fact that even today, there are only a very few handsets available all over the world that sports a camera of its stature.

The Samsung D900 is endowed with a 3.0 megapixel camera module along with all necessary tools and aids. Pictures with resolution as high as 2048x1536 pixels, sharp subjects with autofocus, bright flash light for low light environment imaging, digital zoom, high grade video recording facilities and a host of special effects that makes imaging with the Samsung D900 so special. Pictures and videos that you have captured with the Samsung D900 can be shared instantly via MMS and emails. Better still, transfer to your PC via Bluetooth v2.0 and USB and do whatever you like to do with them.

The handset built quality is another aspect that is responsible for the astounding success across all demographic sections. High quality magnesium surface used in the Samsung D900 are not only robust and durable, but also looks great. Adding sheen to the black and silver slider is its 32x42 mm TFT based screen that can produce more than 262k colours. With this quad band phone, you could be reached almost anywhere in the whole world. Voice function aid includes built in hands free and a 3D speaker. The Samsung D900 can surf the internet with its built in GPRS and EDGE technology and can even display MS Office documents not just on its 2.2 inch TFT display, but on an external screen like your TV. Infact, there is only little the Samsung D900 can not do.

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Friday, 22 June 2007

Samsung D840 is here to add a lot in your mobile life

Creating a huge buzz around with is great looks and substantial features; the Samsung D840 is here to add a lot in your mobile life. The credit goes to Samsung's highly innovative Smart Surface Mounting Technology, which has made it possible to stuff more features in this slim device. As far as designing is concerned, the Samsung D840 is surely an enticer, as it measures only 11.9 mm in thickness, while it weighs only 100 grams. On the other hand, the Samsung D840 is also finished up with plastic, which adds that desired elasticity and the handset easily fits into your pocket.

The Samsung D840 is finished up with a black case and further endowed with a smoothing sliding action, which has really become the hallmark of various Samsung phones. Well, its keypad is quite flat, hence it is very easy to use. Well, the handset's display is based on TFT and it can support more than 256k colours, which provides a soothing viewing experience. Thus, you can view all those photos, videos and other content on its intuitive screen.

Furthermore, the Samsung D840 has a Document viewer, which lets you view or edit all your offic1e documents in the easiest possible way. To get a bigger viewing experience, you can also connect your mobile phone with your TV to enjoy, the way you want. Listen to all your music on its music player, which can play your music in various popular file formats. It is loaded with 70MB of inbuilt memory, which lets you treasure all your favourite stuff. Besides, it also supports external memory card, which allows you to enhance its memory as per your needs. You can also listen to music on its superb music player, which can play all your stuff in various popular file formats.

To provide a seamless connectivity, the Samsung D840 supports the reliable GSM mobile networks. You can also enjoy the Internet with its inbuilt GPRS and EDGE technologies. Moreover, you can easily treasure all those defined moments with its integrated 2.0 mega pixels camera. Make various things possible in your mobile life with your Samsung D840.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Samsung E900 – Have a better chocolate

With the launch of Samsung E900, the manufacturer seems to recapture its former glory days. The handset comes after the successful debut of LG Chocolate and only to make a greater impression.

Like the Chocolate, the Samsung E900 comes with a touch - sensitive screen. Which means that the upper portion of handset responds to the heat, meaning that there are no buttons to be pressed. The Samsung E900 also comes with the nifty features as well. When there is a call coming, the touch - sensitive capability of the handset ceases to operate. This is to ensure that the phone does not respond to the heat of the face, when receiving call.

Samsung E900 has also taken measures to revamp their Menu system. The have discarded their love with the bright blue and white colour scheme, and instead comes with black or white with much more modern icons. The basic layout remains the same, though you to see and select what is shown on the next menu screen simply by highlighting the relevant heading.

In terms of size, the Samsung E900 comes with a solid 80 MB of memory, with expansion capacity. The on-board memory can also be used to do more justice to its competent 2MP camera and the Mp3 player.
The music player may not be as good as that of the Walkman series, but nonetheless it is decently addictive.

But the Mp3 prowess is also limited, not in terms of ergonomics, but because the Samsung E900 comes with a weak battery life. Only 3.5 hours of talk time are available, meaning either you play too much or talk too much. One reason why the handset is less empowered could be due to the touch sensitive feature. It sure eats up a lot of life.

The TFT screen of Samsung E900 displays a pleasant picture. Its calibre is 262k, meaning that all 2 megapixel images is displayed in fantastic quality. The Samsung E900 is a Tri band GMS 900 / 1800 / 1900. It also has EDGE, Bluetooth, and other conventional features.

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Monday, 11 June 2007

Samsung Z560: Enough power –substantial potential.

Making a brisk start by introducing another masterpiece or the Samsung Z560, Samsung has really given something special to mobile phone users all across the globe. This trendy device is just too good in its overall profile and well complemented by superb features. The way Samsung Z560 is finished up it is not like any other slim phone, as it does take a good care of your mobile life.

It comes with a simple black colour, which does not make it ultra cool, but duly provides a good look. Actually, it looks quite bold and sturdy and simply suits the needs of users, who want a phone with substantial functionalities. Hence, it does offer a lot, which you would surly love to have in your very own mobile handset.

One of the most significant features of the Samsung Z560 is its 2 mega pixels camera. Furthermore, its camera has been supported by auto focus to let you grab all those moments with the ultimate precision. There is another VGA camera, which has been specifically fitted for video calling. You can make the most of its speakerphone feature to communicate with others in the easiest possible way.

Besides 3G technology, the Samsung Z560 also supports various illustrating features like HSDPA and WAP browser – so, surf the Internet to get all the desired information. As far as data sharing is concerned, you can easily transfer all your important data or download all your important content with Bluetooth, Infrared and USB port. To provide enough space, the Samsung Z560 is also endowed with an external memory slot.

However, the Samsung Z560 comes with a small external screen, but it is quite capable to provide a good viewing experience with each vivid detail. Moreover, you also get the important information about date, time, signal strength on its display. Below the display screen, there are touch sensitive music controls, which enable you to play all your favourite music – the way you want. Hence, the Samsung Z560 is truly a compatible device in its overall profile.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Samsung X820 is the slimmest mobile phone from Samsung.

With the recent advancement in the mobile technology, new age mobile devices offer more than one's expectation. Leading mobile companies are also trying their best to deliver consummate products to satisfy the current market needs of consumers all over the globe. With more competitions, consumers are getting enough options in the mobile phone market.

As compared to those old and bulky mobile devices, new age latest phones are slimmer and feature rich. These slim profile handsets never compromise on features and deliver their best in terms of form and functionality. In the same fray, Samsung has launched a new handset, the Samsung X820 – the device with its slim and attractive looks offer everything to satisfy consumer’s needs and preferences.

The Samsung X820 delivers its best to stand out in the slim phone category with its counterparts. With slender profile, the slim device looks stunning. In addition to its slim design, the Samsung X820 offers a wide range of features including multimedia and productivity tools. Featuring a user-friendly keypad – users can easily browse unlimited phone features that are concealed inside the slim profile. With substantial battery, the device lets you talk and listen to songs for hours.

Loaded with a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, the device offers excellent picture quality. With fun loving photo setting, manage and edit images as per your choice. And with video feature, capture video footage and share with friends and family via MMS. The Bluetooth enabled handset allows you to share multimedia files without using a wire. The device also supports EDGE technology – enjoy sharing data or browse high speed mobile internet with the Samsung X820.

The Samsung X820 is the slimmest mobile phone from Samsung. Hold the phone in your hand or you can also slip the device in your pocket easily. Enjoy browsing phone feature anywhere you go.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone producing company.

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone producing company. It is known for bringing out sleek, beautifully designed and feature packed mobile phones. The handsets of Samsung are integrated with cameras, music players, FM radio, video recording, internet browsing facility etc. Samsung mobile phones range from basic phones to music phones and also to high end PDA phones. Some of the latest handsets of Samsung are Samsung D900, Samsung X830, Samsung P300 etc. These handsets have lots of advanced features like massive storing space, better connectivity, excellent music player etc.

In the last decade we have seen a phenomenal growth in the world of mobile technology. We have got some spectacular handsets clad in advanced technologies-technologies that have the power to impress anyone and everyone. Many mobile manufacturing companies have jumped into the thriving mobile market-while some have got average response, some have risen to the zenith of popularity and continuing to show their dominance in far flung areas across the globe. Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant is one such company that's reaping tremendous success world over by bringing the best in technology in its handsets.

Speaking of Samsung, it is amazing to find its astounding regularity in launching some eye-scorching mobile phones that catapulted the success story of this South Korean Electronic giant and marked it as an epitome of style and grace. Now let it be its new series of Ultra Edition II phones or the ones like Serene; a creative output of the collaboration between Samsung and Bang and Olufsen, phones from the house of Samsung have redefined style in their own distinct way. And speaking about the style, this manufacturer of first ever slider phones in the world, has also taken optimum care in integrating highly functioning features like documents viewer program, direct TV output, and last but not least, digital camera technology into the sleek frame of its phones.

Have you ever wondered how fast the mobile phones are evolving in the present day world. The rate at which mobile phones are soaking in all possible avenues of development is dizzy enough to catch you off breath. The only saving grace of this roller coaster ride is your rendezvous with some unbelievable features and abilities that promise to rescue you from the usual humdrum of life. Moreover, mobile phone manufacturers leave no stones unturned to add a dash of aesthetic innovation to the products besides technological intelligence to cater to the trend conscious connoisseurs. Speaking of which, the Samsung E900 is a member of a league of phones, which easily create a fan line wherever they appear.

Below is a list of some latest mobile phones by Samsung.

Samsung D600 - Samsung D600 Specification
Samsung D800 - Samsung D800 Specification
Samsung D840 - Samsung D840 Specification
Samsung D900 - Samsung D900 Specificaiton
Samsung E250 - Samsung E250 Specification
Samsung E370 - Samsung E370 Specification
Samsung E570 - Samsung E570 Specification
Samsung E870 - Samsung E870 Specification
Samsung E900 - Samsung E900 Specification
Samsung F300 - Samsung F300 Specification
Samsung U600 - Samsung U600 Specification
Samsung X820 - Samsung X820 Specification
Samsung X830 - Samsung X830 Specification
Samsung Z560 - Samsung Z560 Specification

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Samsung U600: Unparalleled performance...delivered.

The Samsung U600 belongs to the hugely popular Ultra Edition of Samsung. This highly stylish and slim slider phone has it all to entice you no end. Moreover, its not about looks only, as this compatible performer also delivers, when it comes to superb features. Its smooth slider mechanism and metal etched keypad provides that superb looks to this gizmo that it would surely grab your attention at the very first glance. Making it more sophisticated and cool, the Samsung U600 is also a light weight gizmo, hence you can easily carry it around without feeling any sort of burden. With so much to offer in looks and features, the Samsung U600 is here to stay for a very long time, as your compatible performer.

Allowing you to treasure all those defined moments with much required ease, the Samsung U600 is loaded with a 3.2 mega pixels camera – just click for all those amazing photos or record videos, whenever you want. Its superb camera is too good in delivering the best that it has all the calibre to replace your digital camera. Moreover, its 2 inch LCD colour screen very well acts as a viewfinder to add precision in imaging. Though, the Samsung U600 is stuffed up with 60 MB of inbuilt memory, but you can also increase it as it has the option to add a MicroSD memory card – enhance your space to treasure all your favourite stuff.

Offering some of the best in latest technologies, the Samsung U600 supports Bluetooth technology, which enables you to share all your important data wirelessly with any compatible device. It is also endowed with an Internet browser, which provides you swift and convenient access to the world of Internet. On the other hand, its USB option lets you connect your Samsung U600 to any compatible PC or laptop – hoard all your favourite stuff to make the most of your mobile phone.

Taking a very good care of connectivity, the Samsung U600 supports the popular Quad band technology. Hence, it keeps you connected across the five continents without any constraints. You can also enjoy music on its inbuilt music player, which can play music in various popular formats to let you feel ecstasy. Truly, its fun to have a Samsung U600.

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Monday, 14 May 2007

Samsung E250: Compatible performer

Feel the pleasure with the thin and compact slider phone. Ergonomically designed, compact, efficient in functionality – the Samsung E250 is simply irresistible. View menus and application on a wide LCD screen and browse features with an intuitive, user-friendly keypad. Slim in profile, the E250 is an excellent device to suit everyone's mobile lifestyle.

Boasting a large 2.0 inch LCD screen with 65k TFT colour display and at 128 x 160 pixels resolution is a good platform for watching pictures and phone menus. Watch videos, play games or shoot pictures – the LCD screen is perfect for everything. Loaded with an integrated VGA camera – the device lets you capture both still and video clips. And with up to 4x digital zoom and CMOS censor – you can expect good picture quality.

In addition to camera and large LCD screen, the device comes equipped with MP3 player and you do not need a separate music player for listening to music. Enriched with Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) – feel the freedom and enjoy music wirelessly. Supported with MicroSD card, the device allows more music, images and video clips. Tune in to your favourite FM radio station and listen to all time hit music.

The Samsung E250 offers many connectivity options such as Bluetooth 2.0, USB and EDGE – connect the phone with other compatible devices with and without using a wire. And with WAP 2.0, enjoy mobile internet, synchronise emails and keep you updated with the latest news and information whenever and wherever you go.

Moreover, the device also offers some advanced messaging features such as SMS, MMS, SOS message, etc. Share your feelings through texts, images, songs and video clips and feel the difference. With SOS messaging, you can rescue yourself in some difficult situations. Slides open the phone and browse those hidden features that are concealed inside the slim mobile casing.

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Monday, 23 April 2007

Camera Phones: Imaging Wizards

Traveling was menacing till some years ago. People had to pack cameras and other equipments in their bags and carry them along to capture their favourite moments. They would often call friends to share the thrill they experienced. During this time, a wizard was being gestated in the mind wombs of technicians and mobile manufacturing units. These wizards were intelligent in attaching their abilities to mobile phones. The end product was a new breed of phones called the Camera Phones.

Today, a majority of the mobile wielding population patronizes Camera Phones. People may never carry tedious cameras on a regular basis. But, they never forget the phone. With Camera Phones, they have the benefit of shooting relevant pictures at uncalled for hours and circumstances. The imaging wizards, or, Camera Phones are ultimate aids in capturing crime scenes, and sometimes in preventing them.

The Third Generation Camera Phones help people communicate with their loved ones tete-a-tete. In the temporary absence of network or a compatible receiving device, these phones can be used to effect interesting graphics over pictures. With re-establishment of network, pictures can be sent to friends via the Multimedia Messaging Service. While some Camera Phones can run video clips, others can play full films. Camera Phones save the cost of an additional device – the camera.

Manufacturers are now focusing on high end Camera Phones to serve the interest of professional photographers and visual artists. Sony Ericsson launched an imaging oriented mobile phone. These phones are denominated by the letter K/ camera. Sony Ericsson K800i and K810i are amongst the best in this category. Nokia's N Series also consists of Camera Phones. Nokia N93i is excellent, but N95 is a true bomb-shell. It hosts a 5 mega pixel digital camera with performance that is ineffably superb. Samsung is planning a 10 mega pixel camera to shell all competitors.

These Camera Phones are not just efficient, they are the wizards of the trade. Adapting to user demands, they are acquiring newer technologies and better designs. Looks like it is time for you to get one.

Music phones: Keep rocking...

Music phones have become the latest buzz in the digital mobile world. Mobile industry has come a long way and the development in the industry is still going on. There was a time when mobile phones were meant for communications. Now the new age mobile phones have become a multifaceted device. The changing trend in the mobile industry is obvious and to cater to the ever growing needs of consumers all over the globe, mobile manufacturing companies are trying hard.

Music is something that everyone likes and it has soothing effect. Latest music phones offer unparalleled multimedia applications and offer the best music experience on the move. Incorporated with latest Multimedia music player that supports several music formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+ -- users can download music tracks with ease. And you can also search your favourite music tracks through playlists, albums, genres, etc.

All the latest music phones such as Nokia N series, Sony Ericsson's Walkman series, Samsung and Motorola music phones come with dedicated music button – keep your favourite music tracks at your fingertips. The new advancement in the mobile world is the introduction of expandable memory card support. Almost all music phones support expandable memory card and offer more rooms to download music tracks, images and video clips.

Apart from music features, latest mobile phones also offer camera features, mobile games and more. Technologically, the introduction of 3G technology, HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, to name a few have really changed the mobile experience. Now data transfer has become easier and it takes no time to download heavy multimedia files and other documents. Broadband speed mobile internet was a dream, but now its possible. Browse the net, download songs, ringtones, synchronize email or keep you abreast of the latest news and information – everything is possible with a mini device.

Choose any of the music phones and feel the rhythm on the move.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Samsung D600: the multipurpose style icon.

The Samsung D600 is a follow up model of the highly popular Samsung D500. Though the new handset retains the slider form of the earlier model there are a few subtle changes both in the design and its functionalities. The sliding form of the Samsung D600 shows the same level of expertise of the manufacturers as on the other sliders from Samsung.

The Samsung D600 is currently available in two colours – grey and black. The new enlarged screen is based on TFT with a resolution of 240x320 pixel and delivers more than 262k colours. Five was navigation key, dedicated call keys and a well laid out number keys makes the Samsung D600 very easy and convenient to use.

The 1.3 megapixel camera of the Samsung D500 is replaced by a 2.0 megapixel module in the Samsung D600. Advanced imaging features like digital zoom and integrated LED flash of the Samsung D600 makes it an ideal gizmo to immortalize those fleeting moments of your life. Video recording is supported too. You can watch your captured images and videos on any external screen with its TV output.

The petite slider is nothing less than a storehouse with its 72 Mb of shared memory. You can further expand the available memory pool with the help of external memory card. The Samsung D600 has enough space for all your Java applications, Office documents, images, videos and a good portion of your music collection. With the integrated media player of the Samsung D600, you can enjoy your favourite tunes on the go.

The Samsung D600 supports all four GSM mobile networks therefore is functional in all corners of the globe. The handset is also endowed with class 10 EDGE and GPRS for seamless data connectivity. Sending and receiving emails with attachments in popular formats and further viewing and editing them in the Picsel viewer – the Samsung D600 is your perfect office assistant.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Samsung E870: Simple and powerful...

The sleek and compact clamshell is a very light-weight phone. With clean mono colour casing, the phone looks very attractive. Available in different luminescent colours including silvery white and red – the Samsung E870 needs not to capture your attention. Flip open and view the large keypad with separate buttons. The 1.9 inch internal screen accentuates the brightness and clarity of the 262k TFT colour screen. The external OLED screen at 65536 colours and 96 x 80 resolutions lets you view an incoming calls and a clock.

In the mid range camera phones, the Samsung E870 is an excellent device in terms of features. Packed with a 1.3 mega-pixel camera with flash, you can snap pictures on the move. Share your memorable moments with friends and family via MMS and let them feel those incredible moments. Moreover, the phone also comes equipped with a music player that supports all common music files including MP3 and AAC. Play your favourite music tracks and keep rocking on the move. And with 80 MB of internal-memory and external microSD memory card support – you can save more documents and multimedia files with ease.

In addition to entertainment features, the Samsung E870 offers business applications such as document viewer and email support. Now, you can view, send and receive documents in different file formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PoerPoint. And, with TV-out, you can transfer files to a projector and can display on a TV or a PC. Mobile internet feature lets you browse the web, you can manage emails and can look for latest mews and information.

The tri band phone is also endowed with EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB – connect and share documents without using a wire or via USB port. The flip phone weighs only 85g and has a compact dimension of 92 x 42 x 16.5mm – that slips easily into the pocket.