Friday, 26 October 2007

Samsung F520 – An Ultra-smart Phone to Fulfill Many Needs!

Assimilating the best of iPods and digital cameras, mobile phones are the best alternatives for millions worldwide. While far ahead of being mere calling devices, mobile phones have metamorphosed into multi-utility instruments powerful to perform many an important tasks effortlessly. Today, they integrate features of a music player, digital camera, gaming console, and web browser. They are equipped with document viewer applications and wireless connectivity.

Now share your favourite sound track or the best moment clicked via the powerful camera, everything is possible with a phone in hand. Not to forget some additional facilities coming along with an advanced phone. With paying tad bit more, there is a mobile phones all ready to serve you with much advanced connectivity options and features like direct TV feed, high resolution camera etc and many more. Now if we are to site one such example of an advanced phone that has already generated quite a stir among the mobile phone lovers, we have Samsung F520 to name. The recent mobile sensation is designed to deliver.

In a dual slider mechanism Samsung F520 comes to offer you with a full QWERTY as well as a simpler numeric keypad. Now make use of any to fulfill your need. This 3G phone supports GPRS, EDGE, and HSDPA connectivity. Not to forget the Bluetooth and USB support. A 3.15 megapixel camera with flash is ready to fulfill your photographic urge, and along side still photography it aids in video photography too.

A 3'' touch screen TFT supports 262k colours and offers resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. To help you in saving all your audio and video files the camera, in addition to its inbuilt memory, comes with microSD expansion slot. The screen features Samsung F520 is a Flash-based user interface with document viewer application. And when all of these features come bundled in 104.8 x 53.7 x 17.4 mm dimensions, who needs a better ally than the one it is? Right now all our calls are answered.

Samsung F510: Master among the Mobiles

The latest Samsung F510 mobile phone is a highly capable 3G phone coming with a DVB-H TV broadcasting feature. The handset coming with high quality cutting edge mobile phone features is 116.5mm in height, 50.4mm in width and 10.7mm in depth making it simple, attractive and easy to handle at the same time.

The F510 model from Samsung coming with dual colour screens and dual side controls helps the user to simply flip from one of their handset to the other to suit the features he want to use. The main screen of Samsung F510 is large and comes with high colour and high screen resolution helping the user to enjoy viewing videos and TV broadcasts on a bright display.

This model mobile phone from Samsung comes with a video player that supports MPEG4, H263, H264, WMV, AVI, DivX and AVI video files. It has a built in video player feature that helps QVGA video playback at 30 frames per second up to 544kbps. It is the built in DVB-H TV broadcast feature that is the most attractive feature of this mobile phone. It helps the user in viewing the mobile digital TV in an area with DVB-H reception.

This mobile phone has an integrated 2 megapixel camera that assures the user of perfect photography. It has camera settings and effects that allows the user to capture a clear and colourful photo or video recording each time when the camera feature is used. The user can also the store the pictures which he can later share among the friends. The Samsung F510 comes with a multimedia focused 3G phone that will keep the user entertained all the time.

The Samsung F510 mobile phone also has an entertaining music player that guarantees the user perfect musical entertainment. It is possible for the user to access and enjoy from the multimedia screen side of the mobile handset. It is also possible to download Java video games on the mobile phone.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Samsung U700- Communication instrument with plenty of features

The Samsung U700 is a HSDPA capable handset. Most impressive is calling clarity; volume in particular is very loud at its highest setting. The hands-free speakerphone is also loud and clear, and it's easily switched on during a phone call by pressing the centre button. The U700 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera, with auto focus, a flash, and a new feature Samsung dubs Rapid Focus. The Rapid Focus is designed to improve shutter speed of the camera. Nice thing about the camera is that it includes a self-portrait mirror and it is capable to capture video in MPEG4 format.

Coming to the performance of the phone it is average. The shots that are being produced aren't good enough for any sort of amateurish photography. It is suffice to say hat the clicked photographs are more than adequate to use as background wallpaper. The camera of the Samsung U700 has plenty of features that include multi, mosaic and panorama shot modes. Moreover, it also has effects such as black and white, 21 frames and a three, five or 10 second self-timer, sepia and negative.

The Samsung U700's user interface is marvelous, but there are a couple of small quirks in the phone. The touch sensitive controls embedded in the phone are a little slow to respond to the clicks of the users. It is to be mentioned that the navigational wheel isn't as snappy.

Well, many users would find when you dial your friend's or peers phone number; a picture of Copenhagen appears in the screen. This picture changes every time depending on the location. Moreover, it also very much responds to the time of day. Users of Samsung U700 would find it changes accordingly; at night and while during the day it changes. Another prominent feature that occurs when calling a phone number. When pressing a number key, users would find a paper and pen animation pops up and it begins to write the numbers as you press them.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Samsung X830 Ensures the Best Quality

The latest Samsung X830 mobile phone is a stylish and sleek design with built in powerful multimedia features. The handset measuring 84 x 30 x 19.9 mm and weighing 75 grams makes it easy for the user to hold in hands and slip into the pockets. With a colourful screen that can be viewed when the handset is in its closed or open position also has a 128 x 220 pixel screen resolution displaying on a 1.46 Inch colour screen.

The mobile phone handset arrives in a choice of colours including black and white casing. The mobile phone also has excellent musical features making it comfortable and entertaining for the user. He can download music in MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC+e & WMA format with this mobile phone, which could be played to get relaxed. The handset can also play your favourite ring tones in MP3 or polyphonic format. With its 1GB storage space, you can easily make sufficient room for all music files.

The Samsung X830 mobile phone can play the downloaded polyphonic ringtones.
It is also possible for the user to access their messaging features including MMS messaging and SMS messaging. The Samsung X830 mobile phone features a built in 1.3 megapixel digital camera that guarantees perfect picture with excellent quality. It is also possible for the user to share the pictures with his friends. WAP browser gives you easy accessibility to the Internet.

The Samsung X830 has Nand Flash built in memory of 1 that will allow the user to store up to two hundred and fifty songs or approximately fifteen music albums on their mobile phones. The phone has a fitted battery with a standby battery time of 120 hours and a talk time of approximately 3 hours. The existence of Edge technology guarantees fast and efficient data transfers making things more easy and comfortable for the user.

The handset can also play your favourite ringtones in MP3 or polyphonic format. With its 1GB storage space, you can easily make sufficient room for all music files. WAP browser gives you easy accessibility to the Internet.