Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Samsung i560 – As good as it can get.

Innovation is an ongoing process. And the same goes for innovation in the mobile telecommunications domain. Leading manufacturers of mobile phones in the world are involved in the design and development of mobile phones that are better than earlier models both in terms of looks as well as features. The Samsung i560 is one such innovative handset from Samsung.

The Samsung i560 is a slide open mobile phone that is powered by third generation (3G) technology. There are two cameras that are built into the sleek design of the Samsung i560. A 3 mega-pixel digital camera that comes in the back of the handset is perfect for capturing the images and video clips of precious moments. This means that the i560 mobile phone can double up as a digital camera or a video recorder without any hassle. Users can now carry the Samsung i560 with them when they are on the move and be sure of capturing memorable moments that often have a tendency to come unawares.

There is a second camera that can be used for making video calls. The pleasure of seeing the expression on the face of loved ones has to be experienced to be believed. More intimate communication is thus possible with the advanced features of the Samsung i560.

A 240x320 pixel panel in 262,000 colors enhances the magic of the images and video clips to a significant extent of Samsung i560. The 150 MB of internal memory can be expanded through microSD cards – this makes sense as it translates into more room for storing all the images, video clips and other content.
This smartphone also comes with an integrated GPS receiver. Compatibility with 3G and HSDPA (3G+) networks makes the handset all the more special to users.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Samsung U100: hot selling phones in the market

The new Samsung U100 Ultra Edition 5.9 handset coming with a thickness of 5.9mm is considered as the slimmest phone in the World. It is the attractive thin casing that has made the model U100 from Samsung one of the hot selling phones in the market. The handset comes with easy to use features, but the slim design is the main attraction to this handset. The mobile phone handset from Samsung comes in a selection of stylish grey with black color that adds beauty to the sleekness of the handset.

The colour screen of the Samsung U100 mobile phone helps the user by providing up to 262k colours on a 1.9 Inch display with a 220 x 176 screen resolution. The widescreen of the mobile phone helps the users in viewing the photos and video recording beautifully on the high colour screen.

The Samsung U100 model mobile phone comes with a built in camera that will help the user to capture still photos with perfect and excellent quality. It is also possible for him to store and share the pictures along with the family and friends with the support of the MMS service. The camera facility of Samsung U100 model mobile phone assists the user in taking photographs with the same quality of that of a professional cameraman.

The Samsung U100 Red comes with a built in media player that ensures the user perfect musical entertainment. It is possible for the user to download and enjoy his favourite tunes with the help of this mobile phone. This model mobile phone from Samsung supports MP3 and polyphonic sound ringing tones that can be chosen depending upon the preferences and tastes of the user. This particular model mobile phone comes with an internal memory of 70 Mbytes that helps the user to store the photos, video footage and messages. The mobile phone also has the facilities to send, store and receive emails making it beneficial for the users who are away from the office or home personal computer.