Monday, 29 September 2008

Get all what networks can provide today on the Samsung Omnia

The essence of the mobile phone technology is to keep the people connected. However, since long the mobile phone users had been missing the contribution of the Internet on it. But, today even after the addition of the Internet facility on this gadget potential users still keep expecting something more. No matter, it is human nature and to check this nature the Samsung had already introduced the Omnia mobile phone.

No doubt, people have been expecting more and more from the Internet. And when it comes to this facility on the mobile phone its mobility is underscored. Keeping this fact in mind, the Samsung Omnia works on a quad band network which allows the users enjoy worldwide roaming with this 3G smart phone. However, the network connectivity solely depends on the network provider. It also bears four GSM bands and HSDPA which provide flexibility in roaming. The Samsung Omnia supports 128 MB of RAM and 256 MB of ROM. Moreover, its 8 GB of internal memory is expandable by the addition of Micro SD memory card up to 8 GB. Perhaps, with this capacity in hand the users need not worry for more storage capacity.

This gadget is loaded with the Microsoft windows mobile 6.1 operating system along with the PDF viewer and the Microsoft office document viewing capabilities. So, be sure to enjoy all the contributions of the net on the move with this widget. A netizen would easily experience all the needs one may require while accessing the net. One can have access to all the information one needs via this widget if the information does exist on the world wide web.

The users can even enjoy video calling on this widget with any contact with a compatible device. This helps the users relish live chat with their dear ones. The common features like the SMS, MMS, e-mails and instant text messaging can also be availed of on this mobile phone. These features enable the users stay connected without their calling the contacts. The EDGE technology in this widget makes the transfer of data from this widget faster. The predictive text input feature in this mobile phone assists the users in creating texts. When the users create a text this feature predicts the word to be typed and helps the users create the text faster.

The FM radio feature of this Samsung Omnia keeps the listeners in tune with their favourite FM programmes even while the listeners are on the move. They need not be stable just to relish this facility. Moreover, with its RDS feature the users do view other information on the screen even while listening to ones favourite music simultaneously on the FM. Listening to ones favourite music becomes a totally different experience as the widget supports OGG, WMA, AMR, AAC, AAC+ and MP3. The fun does not end here, people fond of games can entertain themselves with the games loaded on it. The players can even download a number of games if they need more.

Think of all the enjoyment one can avail of with its 5 mega pixels camera. Its auto focus feature enables the users capture accurate and precise photographs. Even if the photographrs' hand jerks at the moment of clicking a photograph they need not worry. Its image stabiliser option assists the users manage such jerks and protects the photographs from becoming vague. It also has a flash option which works wonders in illuminating dull environment which does spoil photographs. One can even experience video photography with this widget. This helps capture, store and share photographs in action with anyone bearing compatible devise.

The battery of the Samsung Omnia delivers up to 5.8 hours long talk time when fully charged and its weight is just 127 g with the dimensions of 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm. All these features make this widget a smart mobile phone.

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