Thursday, 31 May 2007

Samsung X820 is the slimmest mobile phone from Samsung.

With the recent advancement in the mobile technology, new age mobile devices offer more than one's expectation. Leading mobile companies are also trying their best to deliver consummate products to satisfy the current market needs of consumers all over the globe. With more competitions, consumers are getting enough options in the mobile phone market.

As compared to those old and bulky mobile devices, new age latest phones are slimmer and feature rich. These slim profile handsets never compromise on features and deliver their best in terms of form and functionality. In the same fray, Samsung has launched a new handset, the Samsung X820 – the device with its slim and attractive looks offer everything to satisfy consumer’s needs and preferences.

The Samsung X820 delivers its best to stand out in the slim phone category with its counterparts. With slender profile, the slim device looks stunning. In addition to its slim design, the Samsung X820 offers a wide range of features including multimedia and productivity tools. Featuring a user-friendly keypad – users can easily browse unlimited phone features that are concealed inside the slim profile. With substantial battery, the device lets you talk and listen to songs for hours.

Loaded with a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, the device offers excellent picture quality. With fun loving photo setting, manage and edit images as per your choice. And with video feature, capture video footage and share with friends and family via MMS. The Bluetooth enabled handset allows you to share multimedia files without using a wire. The device also supports EDGE technology – enjoy sharing data or browse high speed mobile internet with the Samsung X820.

The Samsung X820 is the slimmest mobile phone from Samsung. Hold the phone in your hand or you can also slip the device in your pocket easily. Enjoy browsing phone feature anywhere you go.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone producing company.

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone producing company. It is known for bringing out sleek, beautifully designed and feature packed mobile phones. The handsets of Samsung are integrated with cameras, music players, FM radio, video recording, internet browsing facility etc. Samsung mobile phones range from basic phones to music phones and also to high end PDA phones. Some of the latest handsets of Samsung are Samsung D900, Samsung X830, Samsung P300 etc. These handsets have lots of advanced features like massive storing space, better connectivity, excellent music player etc.

In the last decade we have seen a phenomenal growth in the world of mobile technology. We have got some spectacular handsets clad in advanced technologies-technologies that have the power to impress anyone and everyone. Many mobile manufacturing companies have jumped into the thriving mobile market-while some have got average response, some have risen to the zenith of popularity and continuing to show their dominance in far flung areas across the globe. Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant is one such company that's reaping tremendous success world over by bringing the best in technology in its handsets.

Speaking of Samsung, it is amazing to find its astounding regularity in launching some eye-scorching mobile phones that catapulted the success story of this South Korean Electronic giant and marked it as an epitome of style and grace. Now let it be its new series of Ultra Edition II phones or the ones like Serene; a creative output of the collaboration between Samsung and Bang and Olufsen, phones from the house of Samsung have redefined style in their own distinct way. And speaking about the style, this manufacturer of first ever slider phones in the world, has also taken optimum care in integrating highly functioning features like documents viewer program, direct TV output, and last but not least, digital camera technology into the sleek frame of its phones.

Have you ever wondered how fast the mobile phones are evolving in the present day world. The rate at which mobile phones are soaking in all possible avenues of development is dizzy enough to catch you off breath. The only saving grace of this roller coaster ride is your rendezvous with some unbelievable features and abilities that promise to rescue you from the usual humdrum of life. Moreover, mobile phone manufacturers leave no stones unturned to add a dash of aesthetic innovation to the products besides technological intelligence to cater to the trend conscious connoisseurs. Speaking of which, the Samsung E900 is a member of a league of phones, which easily create a fan line wherever they appear.

Below is a list of some latest mobile phones by Samsung.

Samsung D600 - Samsung D600 Specification
Samsung D800 - Samsung D800 Specification
Samsung D840 - Samsung D840 Specification
Samsung D900 - Samsung D900 Specificaiton
Samsung E250 - Samsung E250 Specification
Samsung E370 - Samsung E370 Specification
Samsung E570 - Samsung E570 Specification
Samsung E870 - Samsung E870 Specification
Samsung E900 - Samsung E900 Specification
Samsung F300 - Samsung F300 Specification
Samsung U600 - Samsung U600 Specification
Samsung X820 - Samsung X820 Specification
Samsung X830 - Samsung X830 Specification
Samsung Z560 - Samsung Z560 Specification

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Samsung U600: Unparalleled performance...delivered.

The Samsung U600 belongs to the hugely popular Ultra Edition of Samsung. This highly stylish and slim slider phone has it all to entice you no end. Moreover, its not about looks only, as this compatible performer also delivers, when it comes to superb features. Its smooth slider mechanism and metal etched keypad provides that superb looks to this gizmo that it would surely grab your attention at the very first glance. Making it more sophisticated and cool, the Samsung U600 is also a light weight gizmo, hence you can easily carry it around without feeling any sort of burden. With so much to offer in looks and features, the Samsung U600 is here to stay for a very long time, as your compatible performer.

Allowing you to treasure all those defined moments with much required ease, the Samsung U600 is loaded with a 3.2 mega pixels camera – just click for all those amazing photos or record videos, whenever you want. Its superb camera is too good in delivering the best that it has all the calibre to replace your digital camera. Moreover, its 2 inch LCD colour screen very well acts as a viewfinder to add precision in imaging. Though, the Samsung U600 is stuffed up with 60 MB of inbuilt memory, but you can also increase it as it has the option to add a MicroSD memory card – enhance your space to treasure all your favourite stuff.

Offering some of the best in latest technologies, the Samsung U600 supports Bluetooth technology, which enables you to share all your important data wirelessly with any compatible device. It is also endowed with an Internet browser, which provides you swift and convenient access to the world of Internet. On the other hand, its USB option lets you connect your Samsung U600 to any compatible PC or laptop – hoard all your favourite stuff to make the most of your mobile phone.

Taking a very good care of connectivity, the Samsung U600 supports the popular Quad band technology. Hence, it keeps you connected across the five continents without any constraints. You can also enjoy music on its inbuilt music player, which can play music in various popular formats to let you feel ecstasy. Truly, its fun to have a Samsung U600.

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Monday, 14 May 2007

Samsung E250: Compatible performer

Feel the pleasure with the thin and compact slider phone. Ergonomically designed, compact, efficient in functionality – the Samsung E250 is simply irresistible. View menus and application on a wide LCD screen and browse features with an intuitive, user-friendly keypad. Slim in profile, the E250 is an excellent device to suit everyone's mobile lifestyle.

Boasting a large 2.0 inch LCD screen with 65k TFT colour display and at 128 x 160 pixels resolution is a good platform for watching pictures and phone menus. Watch videos, play games or shoot pictures – the LCD screen is perfect for everything. Loaded with an integrated VGA camera – the device lets you capture both still and video clips. And with up to 4x digital zoom and CMOS censor – you can expect good picture quality.

In addition to camera and large LCD screen, the device comes equipped with MP3 player and you do not need a separate music player for listening to music. Enriched with Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) – feel the freedom and enjoy music wirelessly. Supported with MicroSD card, the device allows more music, images and video clips. Tune in to your favourite FM radio station and listen to all time hit music.

The Samsung E250 offers many connectivity options such as Bluetooth 2.0, USB and EDGE – connect the phone with other compatible devices with and without using a wire. And with WAP 2.0, enjoy mobile internet, synchronise emails and keep you updated with the latest news and information whenever and wherever you go.

Moreover, the device also offers some advanced messaging features such as SMS, MMS, SOS message, etc. Share your feelings through texts, images, songs and video clips and feel the difference. With SOS messaging, you can rescue yourself in some difficult situations. Slides open the phone and browse those hidden features that are concealed inside the slim mobile casing.

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